Why Should I Choose Levy, Levy & Levy?

  • ExperienceIn the areas in which we practice, our attorneys have the same level of experience as the most senior partners in large law firms. We provide this experience to our clients on a direct basis, with the attorney who is the client contact actually performing the services.
  • EfficiencyBecause we do not use a leveraged associate model, our clients avoid paying for on-the-job training of associates and other inefficiencies that inevitably arise when multiple lawyers work on a matter that can be handled by a single attorney. This means that our clients have direct access to a seasoned attorney and do not have to worry about their work being delegated to associates with minimum billing requirements to satisfy.
  • Personalized ServiceWe believe that clients hire attorneys and not law firms. Many of our clients switched from large firms to our firm because they understand and appreciate the benefits of working regularly with an experienced attorney who is personally responsive to their needs.

How does Levy, Levy & Levy compete with larger firms and the resources they offer?

  • Technology has leveled the playing field. The efficiency with which business and real estate transactions can be handled has dramatically increased because of technology.
  • Computers and the Internet now facilitate efficient and comprehensive legal research without the need for a large library. Historically, large firms maintained costly libraries which were only available internally to members of the firm.
  • The Internet provides large firms and small firms alike with equal access to public information, including all public company filings.

Does Levy, Levy & Levy have adequate capacity as a small firm to service all of my needs?

When prospective clients ask us about our capacity, we find that they are actually asking the following two questions:

1.   Is there adequate back-up if a matter requires more than one attorney?

  • Yes. Each of our attorneys has significant real estate and transactional experience, and we find that most matters can be handled individually by one of our experienced attorneys, but if needed, another equally experienced attorney is immediately available to meet the client’s needs.

2.   What if a client needs legal assistance in areas other than our fields of specialization?

  • With respect to matters that are not within our practice areas, we have developed a network of attorneys to whom we refer our clients. For instance, we have established relationships with local attorneys specializing in areas such as employment, bankruptcy, estate planning use and environmental litigation.
  • We refer clients to different specialists in a particular field depending upon our assessment of the needs of our clients. This provides us more flexibility than lawyers in larger firms who may send clients only to other members of the firm.

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